What is a Bryzzo?

What is Bryzzo you ask?

Only the best thing to happen to the Cubs!  While this may be my opinion, I know I am in no way alone in this.  The name is simply a combination of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo.  The name gained popularity from the MLB ad promoting the Bryzzo Souvenir Company.  This ad, which first aired on April Food Day, is for a fictional company run by Bryant and Rizzo claiming to sell their home run balls.  Even though their souvenir company is fictional, the Bryzzo name is still used quite frequently.

Bryant and Rizzo have such a great relationship on the field and from what I have read and seen on Twitter and Instagram they have a great personal relationship too.  I see them as best buds and just imagine them texting each other late at night after a game sharing stories of the game and sending cute baseball emojis.

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